Nat Sly

Originally from London, Sly was brought up in Argentina where she ran an art gallery before moving to Portugal where she now lives and works. On moving to Europe she explored work as a creative director, creating cohesive visual worlds for her clients with projects that include hotels and restaurants across the continent.

Her project, Dora Daar, co-founded with Pepi de Boissieu was a way to continue her deep interest in interiors, while adding a focus on creativity built through a more conscious approach. Working with craftsmen and women, Sly and De Boissieu focused on designs that celebrate traditional techniques and cultivate a new type of luxury in everyday objects.

Color, form and space have always been central to the way in which Sly operates with the world whether for outside clients or within her personal space. This exhibition marks an exciting moment of personal exploration and artistic experimentation as she distills her years of spatial creativity into an intimate and personal output.