PORTA brings together European tableware and assorted home furnishings, with a focus on local craft, independent artisans, and everyday use. From the humble and hand-hewn to the polished and pristine, objects retrace the founders Italian lineages, recent travels, and latest obsessions, while celebrating the idea that every lunch and dinner is a chance to have fun, to chat, to engage, and that the environment around you sets the tone for these moments. PORTA welcomes families everywhere to join in that tradition by reconnecting with the table. PORTA's 450 square-foot storefront is located at the heart of historic antiques row at 360 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217

The Store

PORTA opened in October 2022. Designed by Studio Giancarlo Valle, it is an intimate space bringing together natural materials and domestic textures, the perfect setting for an ever evolving array of tableware and homewares to discover and delight in.

Wednesday - Sunday 11AM-6PM

Address: 360 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Telephone: 347-534-7723

About Alice & Francesca

Alice and Francesca have known each other forever. Growing up in London, they often popped into poky neighborhood shops on a whim, finding inspiration in the beautiful odds and ends on display. Now settled in Brooklyn with their own young families, the lifelong friends have launched PORTA as a space to channel that same exciting sense of discovery.