Oeuvres Sensibiles

Sarah Espeute is a French artist-designer who explores embroidery in a poetic and minimalist way. Each piece tells a story inspired by her sensibility and becomes a sensitive work in the heart of everyone.

Using  two types of embroidery: traditional handmade embroidery in Marseille and Cornely embroidery on an old manual 19th century machine, in Paris, she has created a new economy by teaching  these methods to other  independent embroiderers in Marseille. It is a small, local and friendly production. It is also a sustainable as each piece is handcrafted in France, in their atelier, with high quality French products, exclusively in old fabrics. Sarah loves old materials. Valuing the old while thinking of durability, she collects linen & cotton sheets from private individuals all over France. These pieces are between 50 and 100 years old. Therefore, each fabric has its own family history.