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Megumi Shauna Arai | Haru Noren


This delicate noren brings together materials from various cultures and eras  through the boro technique (the Japanese analogue to American scrap quilting), many of which she then dyes with natural botanicals in her studio. Hung on a branch forged from the PORTA garden, it is placed within the partition between the main space, and the more intimate back area of the of the shop that leads to the garden, both demarcating and decorating the spatial transition.

This piece is available for pick up/ shipping week of June 10th. 

Material: Cotton, linen and silk with marigold, goldenrod, cochineal, cutch, logwood and antique fabric; artist sourced branch
Dimensions: 104 x 102cm; 41 x 40in
Care: no extended sun exposure, UV ray protection in windows if placing in direct sunlight

104 x 102cm; 41 x 40in

About the Maker

Megumi Shauna Arai (b. 1989) is a Japanese-Jewish artist based in New York. Inspired by piecework traditions, her work involves creating color through natural dye to imbue movement into a static form, invoking both dance and calligraphy brushstrokes and producing an energetic compositional field through the repetitive act of hand stitching. Arai’s work has exhibited as part of Object & Thing’s At The Noyes House, in collaboration with Mendes Wood DM and Blum and Poe (2020), The Gallery at Stone Barns curated by Object & Thing in collaboration with Stone Barns Center (2021) and Object & Thing at Madoo: Megumi Shauna Arai and Frances Palmer (2022).



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